“Siyue Consulting, Ltd.” specializes in application and registration of domestic and foreign cosmetics, and consultation on cosmetic policies and regulations as well as relevant information thereof, with its business covering consultation and agency of application of “APPROVAL” for imported special/non-special use cosmetics and domestic special use cosmetics, and dedicates itself to getting “APPROVAL” for its customers in a most convenient and most efficient way and helping a majority of cosmetic importers and dealers to enter the Chinese market.

    As is known to all, “APPROVAL” is a document indispensable for imported cosmetics to be approved by the Customs and to enter the Chinese market (including shopping malls, shops and internet sales).  Without “APPROVAL”, imported cosmetics will not be approved by the Customs or enter shopping malls and shops.  Needless to say, online sales are supervised as well.  In the case of “unapproved” import or sales, punishment will be given according to the relevant provisions set forth in the Regulations Concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics and the Rules for the Implementation of the Regulations Concerning the Hygiene Supervision over Cosmetics by the Department of Public Health.

    Over the past years, with the growing incidence of cosmetic safety, administrative departments have made efforts in improving supervision and scrutiny, and the acquisition of “APPROVAL” has become the most important part in the import procedure of cosmetics.  Meanwhile, with the public’s awareness of cosmetic safety being raised, consumers gradually learn to pay attention to and find out whether the products they buy or use are approved or registered.  Therefore, “APPROVAL” is of significant importance to import and sales.

    Siyue Consulting, Ltd., affiliated to Beijing Kemeishi Consulting, Ltd. and registered with a capital of one million RMB, is equipped with both advanced facilities and outstanding staff.  Apart from its senior and professional staff including doctors, masters and expert teams with over ten years’ experience in registration, it also boasts abundant social resources.  Since its foundation, we have made remarkable progress and, by now, have successfully obtained hundreds of varieties and thousands of approvals (you’re welcome to inquire about our successful cases) for tens of agencies from over ten countries including China, Japan, Korea, America, Span, France and the like as well as Taiwan.  By the end of February of 2015, our failure rate has remained zero, in which we take pride, and we have been trying our best to keep this record.  We are committed to serving each customer with professional skills and fulfilling our responsibilities to ensure success of registration without concealing risks, procrastinating, or arbitrary charging.


Filing Certificates for Imported Non-Special Use Cosmetics Issued by Food and Drug Administration

Hygiene Licensing Approval for Imported Special Use Cosmetics Issued by Food and Drug Administration

Hygiene Licensing Approval for Domestic Special Use Cosmetics Issued by Food and Drug Administration

Filing Certificates for Domestic Non-Special Use Cosmetics Issued by Provincial Food and Drug Administration

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